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Services and Rates

You will find below a list of different techniques that are incorporated into each massage as requested. I have been highly trained in all techniques and will tailor each session towards your needs. My specialty is in concentrated focus work (i.e. deep tissue, neuromuscular, orthopedic) that produces results towards your wellness goals.



Prenatal Massage/Pregnancy Massage-

Performed while mom is out of her first trimester (14 weeks and beyond), is an excellent option for expecting mothers to help relieve fatigue, headaches, and stiffness that often accompany the growing stages of pregnancy.

Swedish Massage-

Is a type of massage that involves mostly slow rhythmic movements to calm the body's nervous system and increase circulation throughout the body. This type of massage is commonly used for stress reduction, and is highly recommended for any age or lifestyle.

Deep Tissue Massage-

Is a variety of specialized massage techniques (e.g. stretching, myofascial release, specific pressure to an area) used to alleviate chronic knots, problem areas, and/or past injuries. This therapy focuses on the connective tissue, "the glue" that holds muscles together, and works by softening the "knot" so you may have more mobility after your session than before.

Orthopedic Massage-

A more advanced massage application that aids in soft tissue injuries (i.e. muscle sprains, strains, or a past physical injury) that limits your range of motion considerably. This therapy is gentle work that can be performed on any age client and is performed completely pain free!

Neuromuscular Massage-

Is a gentle technique that involves activating specified muscle groups by actively engaging the muscle to release or relax another specified muscle group. This technique is highly recommended for athletes with tight contracted muscles, as well as the every day individual who may have overworked an area of their body.

Cranial-sacral Massage-

Provides relief from headaches, TMJ, and general neck and shoulder tension through slow rhythmic motions that increase circulation to the head and alleviates muscular tension in the neck by incorporating gentle myofascial stretches.


Each Individual Massage Session:

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $75

90 minutes - $105

120 minutes - $135



Wellness Programs

 Package Series

(4) 90 minute massages of choice with Deep Blue for $295

(2) 2 hour massages of choice for $199

(2) 90 minute massages for $144

(2) 60 minute massages for $109

 *all services in a series must be used in one year from purchase date*


Loyalty Rewards Program

$65 for a 60 minute massage

$95 for a 90 minute massage

$125 for a 120 minute massage

*Receive an individual discounted service after your 3rd consecutive monthly appointment*