A Noticed Difference LLC
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About the Practitioner

Leah Trlicek BS in Nutrition Science, Licensed Massage Therapist

I have currently been practicing massage therapy for 4 years and have certifications in deep tissue work, cranial sacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy, in addition to working towards my national licensure in orthopedic massage. I have worked in many diverse settings for massage therapy; however, I enjoy the therapeutic work the most. I am also a recent graduate of The University of Incarnate Word with my bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science.

My passion for massage therapy came out of an interest I saw in the environment of a spa. Everyone that came into the spa were stressed, irritated, and/or in some sort of physical pain; however, when they left the spa they all had a smile on their face and a large sense of relief as they walked out the door. As an early graduate from high school I decided to pursue massage therapy for my time being in college, so that I could be part of that environment. What started out as a part time job quickly grew into a deep passion for helping individuals relax, de-stress, and most importantly manage their physical pain. I was truly fascinated by the science and simplicity behind massage yet intrigued by the vast intricacies of the human body. Therefore, I made a change in my major in college from architecture to nutrition science. With my degree, I am able to educate and inform each of my clients on their bodies needs to function in a healthier state to achieve that overall wellness they each desire. I encourage each of my clients to receive a regular monthly massage and to practice healthy eating habits that are individualized to each person. I have personally found that the daily habits of life are so much easier to go about living when I take care of myself through regular massage and a diet plan tailored to my needs.

I look forward to meeting each new client and helping them achieve their wellness goals. smile