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Providing Therapeutic Bodywork for Healthy Living


It is our commitment to provide a detailed therapeutic massage for each client to achieve their physical health and wellness goals.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is used as an alternative and preventative form of physical health and wellness for the general purpose of increasing overall circulation and improving flexibility. It is important to understand massage therapy is not a cure to physical ailments but a physical wellness tool to help you extend the longevity of your physical being.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy...

...is different in the level of skill your therapist practices in session as well as in communication with you. Everyone has different physical demands, so it is an integrated therapeutic approach that is needed to alleviate that aching sore muscle. The integration of rhythmic gentle movements with focused neuromuscular work as well as active and passive stretching create a gentle but therapeutic approach to each session.

We would like to invite you to try out a massage that involves an integrated approach to helping you achieve your physical well-being goals. Whether you are just looking for general muscular maintenance, to alleviate a sore muscle, or reduce the stress related tension throughout your muscles...

We guarantee...A Noticed Difference.

Regular massages are important to receive as a means to alleviate the daily stressors that build up day after day. For example: you sit at a desk all day and work hunched over the desk with one arm on the mouse and you've developed this strange twinge of pain behind your shoulder blade; or maybe you are stuck in a car driving all day and your low back is killing you and you can't quite put your finger on the painful spot. These repetitive behaviors build up chronic muscle patterns overtime that when left unacknowledged can further create muscular strains, sprains, and further injury later on. Clinical studies have shown massage therapy to be effective for both pain management and reducing chronic tension. Check out the latest research tab for more info.